The Total electronic weighing solution

Namitaraz Co (pvt), provider of all kinds of intelligent electronic weighing equipment, load cells, various indicators, office machines, advanced currency counter machines and foreign currency detectors, with the cooperation of the world-renowned brands for 20 years of his activity history, with more diversity. by the hundreds of different products, those always been able to provide a decent share of the domestic market by providing appropriate services to respectable consumers. By using and keeping the latest technology of the world, on the consumers by high international standards such as OIML-NTEP-ISO 9001 also the IRISI (Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran) all provide consumers.
At present, the products offered below are the best-selling equipment in more than 120 countries, including Iran, Namitaraz company supporting with a timely service for the sold products by the company in accordance with the terms of the warranties issued to all consumers.
We could able to have suitable market and decent brand name into all companies and end-users mind.
The company’s management hopes that the current process will be better suited to the efforts of the personnel on the day to day, so that consumers will be more confident and satisfied with the NAMITARAZ company products.
NAMITARAZ Co. Products list as bellow:
      * Advanced electronic ticket and label scales, with barcode printer and product details.
      * Laboratory and counting scales with the ability to send and save information on the PC.
      * Different types of (POS) in accordance with the latest changes in the country tax fee.
      * All types of industrial indicators with different programs for electronic weighing systems.
      * All types of load cells (compression, stretching, bending) capa from 1kg to 20000kg.
      * Bench scale 100~500-kg lightweight ground baskets with different facilities .
      * Crane scale with capacity from 3 to 10 tons.
      * Portable trackless truck scales for weighing all types of vehicles with any number of axles and without weight limit and usable in any location.
      * Advanced currency counter with a money detector and second customer display.
      * Currency detector for banknotes; Dollars, Euros, pounds, etc., by MG testing and UV.
      * Fourteen-digit electronic check writer machine by number of checks issued and the calculator.
      * Thermal printers with the ability to print images and barcodes on labels and ticket print.
Jafar Attar Jannessar
CEO & President

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